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Nutrition We Provide

Standard Process Nutrition Nutri-Meds
Indium-Ease Nature's Way
Natural Radiance Professional Formulas
Systemic Formulas doTerra
Organic Bath Scrubs Orangic Bath Bombs
Norwex (micro fiber product with infused silver)  Ear Candeling
Nano Waters Nuvest (Clean Lean Protien)
Multi Pure Water Filters

Colorado Laser Wellness, in Denver, Colorado, uses a holistic approach to help you achieve your overall well-being. Aside from our wellness therapy, we also provide healthy-eating tips and guidelines specific for your needs.

Take the nutrients you need from organic foods, instead of purchasing regular items you see on a typical store. Go to Whole Foods Market® or Vitamin Cottage® to buy:

• Vegetables • Fruits • Grass-Fed Beef • Beef

• Nuts

 We provide standard process nutrition.
Contact us in Denver, Colorado, and follow our effective healthy-eating tips so you can stay fit and healthy.

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