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Colorado Laser Wellness, in Denver, Colorado, offers cold laser therapy that uses four 635 mm wavelength lasers that heal from cell to cell. This frequency energizes the body and helps it heal itself. If you have a recurrent disease, you might need to have more than one treatment, or a once-a-month session for constant health benefits.

How It Works

Through kinesiology, or the study of muscles, we determine which body muscle needs to be fixed. This also detects malfunctions through your organs and fluids, and makes the body's muscles respond. After we determine what needs to be done, we use our lasers to fix it. This treatment is applicable to anyone.

More Information

Cold laser therapy (Meaning it never heats the tissue) puts healing frequencies into our body so our bodies will utilize this energy for healing.  It depends on the alignment of hand that will determine how many times you will be needed to come.  Since we work on anything from ingrown toenails to cancer, once you are feeling better it's up to you if you come on regular schedule frequencies or to come when you need it.


Woman with Neck Pain - Cold Laser Therapy


Follow ups are recommended 3 months to 1 year.

Contact us in Denver, Colorado, and take advantage of our cold laser therapy when you need your body to recover faster.